• Image of Shark Anatomy Model

Share your love of sharks and science!

This shark is made from recycled materials. It starts with a 2 liter soda bottle. The shark body and organs are made from Eco-Fi® felt, made from recycled soda bottles. The teeth are cut from a recycled plastic milk jug and the eye is the speaker from inside an earbud.

The organs are attached to a card by velcro, so the pieces fit into the shark like a puzzle. To give the organs form, they are made from two layers of felt with a piece inside cut from plastic packaging. The plastic packing is not visible, but makes the organ behave more like a puzzle piece.

The organs included are:
* Gills
* Heart
* Liver
* Stomach
* Ovary
* Uterus
* Intestine
* Kidney

The shark comes with a fun fact booklet about shark anatomy so you can amaze your friends with your shark knowledge. It also comes with the cardboard stand.

Learn more at http://trashmagination.com/20-shark-anatomy-model-from-recycled-plastic/.

I designed this shark after purchasing a model made overseas from plastic. Parts broke in the very first days of owning it. That's when I realized I could design a stronger, more sustainably-made and more creative option. This shark anatomy model is the first in the TrashAnatomy series, designed by Trashmagination.

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